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Photo Collection  

Personal Collection

bullet Ariana Airlines
bullet Arg Presidential Palace
bullet Kabul scene 1
bullet Kabul scene 2
bullet Kabul scene 3

The Mujahideen

bullet A Shadow of a Mujahid
bullet Brave Mujahid
bullet Little Mujahid
bullet Mujahid standing near a sunset
bullet Mujahid holding an RPG, captured from the Russians
bullet Mujahid with a Stinger

The Horrors of War

bullet Destroyed village
bullet Injured woman
(Victim of Russian Napalm Bomb!)
bullet Injured boy with father
bullet Wounded children from Kabul

The Earthquake of February 1998

Exclusive Photographs

bullet Center of the Earthquake (N. Afghanistan)
bullet Rescuers looking for survivors
bullet A destroyed masjid that used to house over 1000 people
bullet An entire village destroyed by the earthquake
bullet Homes destroyed by the earthquake
bullet 2 little girls who lost their entire families
bullet Orphaned children
bullet Animals who lost their owners
bullet Afghan people waiting for aid
bullet Haji Muhammad Akbar handing 
out donations collected at his masjid

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bullet A. Raffaele Ciriello's Photographs on Afghanistan
bullet Online Kabul Museum
bullet Luke Powell's Photography (external link)
bullet Yahoo! Recent News Photos (external link)


Sceneries, the land, sites, etc..

bullet Scenery I
bullet Scenery II
bullet Scenery III
bullet Scenery IV--Mountains
bullet Scenery V--Also Mountains
bullet Kabul
bullet Large Kabul Street scene
bullet Kabul Street scene (Street Vendors)
bullet Masjid in Mazar-i-Shariff
bullet Masjid in Mazar-i-Shariff
bullet Gumbazee Houses (Houses with no wood)
bullet Masjid in Herat
bullet Alexander the Great's Fortress in Herat
bullet Ancient Walls of Herat
bullet Ancient ruins in Herat
bullet Giant Buddha Statue in Bamiyan
bullet Small Village in Bamiyan
bullet An Outward Look
bullet Paghman-"Takia Zafar"
bullet Bridge in Panjshir
bullet Beautiful Paktya scenery
bullet Beautiful Kunduz scenery
bullet Ancient Minaret
bullet Helmand--Kalaye Bust
bullet Bandi-Amir
bullet Kokcha River

The People of Afghanistan

bullet Little girls laughing
bullet School children
bullet Little boy
bullet Little boy standing next to a rifle
bullet Afghan mother and child
bullet Afghan merchant and buyer
bullet Afghan rug makers
bullet Woman making a rug
bullet Afghan Nomads
bullet Injured Buzkashi player
bullet Afghans sawing wood
bullet Truck full of Afghans
bullet Afghan farmers
bullet Afghan brothers hugging
bullet Melon sellers
bullet Afghans at a chicken fight
bullet Old Afghan Poet smelling a flower
bullet Afghans Wrestling
bullet Elder reading the Holy Quran
bullet Afghan hunting
bullet Kids with slingshots
bullet Afghan shooting an arrow
bullet Afghans playing music
bullet Afghans praying near a mountain
bullet Man with hunting bird
bullet Woman making thread
bullet Afghan shoe maker
bullet Man selling bread
bullet Buzkashi